Web Hosting

Whether you’re just establishing an Internet presence or need a reliable web hosting service that will grow with your business needs, ComCity can help! We have a range of web hosting and E-commerce solutions designed with the small and medium sized businesses in mind.
We have a solution for every level of expertise. We have Web hosting packages for the most novice to the most advanced users, which enable great flexibility!



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Web Hosting Experts

We have been hosting websites since 1995 given us more experience than 99% of any other company on the Internet.  We were one of the first commercial hosting companies to provide Windows-Based hosting.  In fact, we hosted our first customer on a Beta version of Microsoft’s web server (IIS).  We started our hosting on Windows servers because we wanted to provide our customers more powerful capabilities to drive more complex and engaging websites. Most web servers were based on Unix or Linux which offered less capabilities for server scripted websites. This has now changed and now both server environments have their advantages.  As a result :

We now provide OS-independent web hosting.
Our customers can simultaneously enjoy the benefits of Unix and Windows at the same time.


Dual OS Web Hosting

Our Dual OS web hosting is like two websites in one.

Web sites hosted with ComCity can run Unix scripts and Windows scripts and programs all at the same time without switching hosting platforms.  Learn More.


Web Design

We have a talented team of expert web designers. From Microsoft FrontPage/Expression Web to WordPress, our website designers have used virtually every HTML web design tool on the planet. In addition, we have on-site programmers who can take a bland website and make it highly interactive and engaging using basic Java Scripting to advanced programming like ASP.NET.

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