Program Participation Agreement Ecar

Once an institution has demonstrated that it meets all of the Title IV eligibility criteria, it must enter into a Program Participation Agreement (PPA) to receive and disburse financial assistance to federal students. The PPA defines the conditions that the institution must fulfil in order to start and continue to participate in Title IV programmes. Participation rate in sports programs and certification of financial support data Employment of persons or entrepreneurs involved in crimes related to public funds Compliance with all rules and regulations of Title IV Program integrity rules established by tooth and accreditation agencies All requirements relating to consumer information of students in general Liability for funds improperly spent and Refunds, including laws on the obligations of third-party service providers (e.B.B. Non-discrimination) in addition to the Law on Higher Education, which is covered by compliance with the EFA, exchange of information and cooperation with supervisory bodies Data fusion to facilitate analyses (new directions for institutional research). .