Program Participation Agreement Ecar

(13) In the case of an institution where students receive financial assistance under Section 484, point (d), the institution provides these students with a program that has been successful in helping students obtain the recognized equivalent of a higher education degree. 1. With respect to an institution participating in a student hiring or admission activity or grant decisions, any institution or organization that recruits or welcomes students or decides on and accepts heA program funds for Title IV; and (1) to implement a substance abuse prevention program that the institution has made available to a public servant, staff or student; B) interest payments until these payments are made to a person or organization involved in hiring or admitting students or making decisions regarding the awarding of Title IV, the DEE program fund. (h) an institution`s participation agreement in the program no longer applies or applies to a site of the institution from the date that site is no longer part of the participating institution. (i) a reasonable relationship between the duration of the program and the conditions of access to the recognized profession to which the program prepares the student. The Secretary believes that the relationship is appropriate if the number of hours of the program does not exceed by more than 50% the minimum number of hours of time required for training in the recognized profession to which the program prepares the student, if the state has established such a requirement. , or as set up by a federal authority; (iii) The institute`s national authorisation or authorisation authority revokes the institute`s licence or legal authorization to provide a training program. (B) The guarantee of enrollment or granting involves activities carried out at any time by a natural organization or by the completion of a training program for the admission or enrollment of students for any period of time or by the granting of financial assistance to students. (27) In the case of an institution participating in a Title IV loan program, the Institute – 1) The Institute , if it is in a state where Section 4 (b) of the National Voter Registration Act (42 U.C.C 1973gg-2 (b)) does not apply, the Institute will, in all faith, make good efforts to distribute a registration form requested and received by the State. to make these forms available to all university students who are enrolled in a graduation or certification program and who have physically participated in the university.