Westbourne Grammar Enterprise Agreement

According to the company agreement, some schools do not offer discounts to new employees in order to retain their initial rights and interests for senior managers. Deb James, general secretary of the EUI`s Victoria and Tasmania office, said some schools would “pass on the financial burden of setting fees directly to staff”. At Carey, we often talk about the value of community – our “village” – and what it means for people to feel attached to a school that is great. With a campus in Kew and Donvale, a Toonallook estate, a student population of 2380 students and alumni of nearly 18,000 people, creating privacy for individuals will always be a challenge. For students, this sense of belonging can be found through their outdoor education program, as can many of our Grade 8 students who are currently in the Hattah program. Peter Robson Assistant Principalpeter.robson@carey.com.au The COVID-19 economic downturn has halted price increases due to inflation in the state`s most expensive non-public schools. “Parents expect religious schools, especially Catholics, to show compassion in these situations because it`s part of their ethics,” O`Shannassy said. Xavier College is one of the few schools to raise rates above the inflation rate and increase it by 1.5%. Westbourne Grammar, which froze fees at $US 22,056, failed in its attempt to amend an existing agreement with staff. An earlier version of this article reported that Caulfield Grammar would increase its fee by 5.33% in 2021.

That`s not true. The school has frozen its fees for next year. Some schools no longer offer discounts for new staff, while maintaining more generous discounts for long-term employees, according to company agreements. . 02. The former principal spoke of the changes before and after the two Trinity Grammar boys` schools and the Ruyton Girls` School had reciprocal reductions, and the Scotch College Boys` School and the PLC Girls` School also had reductions. According to the latest official statistics, more than 54,000 people work in Victorian non-public schools. The salary of a head teacher in Victoria is at least A$118,000. Phil De Young, the former principal who worked at Trinity Grammar and Carey Grammar, and his wife decided to transfer their three children to Wesley College, where I currently work.

Xavier College, a Catholic school for boys, used to offer free education to students, but now it no longer offers discounts. Mr De Young, former principal of Trinity Grammar and Carey Grammar, said Victorian private schools with high fees have a long history of significant reductions on staff costs, with some offering free tuition fees for up to decades. “I understand that historically there is a difference between schools reserved for boys and girls,” he said. Southern Cross Grammar Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 “Most schools typically pay the FBT [benefits tax] to be paid on the reduction, which represents an increase in real income.” Beaconhills College General Staff Agreement 2017-2020 He said that boys` schools and co-educational schools that started as boys` schools tend to offer more generous discounts on staff costs than girls` schools. Newly hired teachers and assistants in Victorian private schools are being denied generous discounts on their children`s tuition fees as schools cut employee benefits to increase their profits. The teacher, who would not reveal his identity because he feared being punished by his employer, said the school promised to use the money saved for more scholarships, but did not give staff discounts. He felt that the rebates did not reflect the interests of families who paid the full tuition fees. Xavier College Catholic Boys` School used to train staff students for free, but no longer offers discounts. It is also believed that the Genazzano and MLC girls` schools do not grant discounts. We encourage and support individual growth and performance while focusing on how each employee can contribute to and benefit from our collective strengths. Albury Wodonga Community College (Teachers) Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021 MelbourneArchbishopJim Miles, executive director of Catholic schools in the district, said the decision on education was up to each Catholic school. M.

De Young said a 50% discount on tuition fees offered by schools such as Westbourne Grammar, Goulburn Valley Grammar, Wesley College and Mentone Girls` Grammar is now considered generous. . Our morning edition newsletter is an organized guide to the most important and interesting stories, analyses and ideas. Have it delivered to your inbox. The teacher, who did not want to be identified for fear of being punished by his employer, said the school had promised more scholarships with the money saved and criticized the reduction as irrelevant to many employees. The Independent Union of Education said: “Unfortunately, we are facing growing opposition to maintaining staff pay rebates.” Waverley Christian College Inc. (Support staff) Agreement 2007 Ballarat and Queen`s Grammar School (teachers) Agreement 2015 The tenders announced relate to the operation of the school, such as: De Young pointed out that some of the following schools still offer 50% discount on tuition fees for their employees and are considered by the industry to be the most generous schools: Westbourne Grammar, your payment and terms may come from a reward, a registered contract or an individual contract. These vary from school to school. But Michelle Green, chief executive of Independent Schools Victoria, said the economic downturn had not led to a decline in the number of non-public schools enrolled. “While the full data won`t be available until well beyond next year, we don`t hear about any training suggesting that normal enrollment patterns will change significantly in 2021,” she said. Annette Rome, director of St Margaret`s and Berwick Grammar outside Melbourne, which froze fees, said schools were using “various data services” to determine where wage and job gains were due to COVID-19.