Funny Friendship Agreement Contract

§ 3.2 Friend #2 is free to discuss the terms of this contract with anyone. However, it is forbidden for friend #2 to present friend #1 as “The person in the contract” or “My friend who is just weird to be friends”. BE AWARE, this agreement will take place on that day, __ , 20_, between a fantastic, charismatic and humble person, __ (hereinafter also referred to as “Friend #1”), and a generous, super cool, supporter of life __ § 5.1 Both parties agree that friendships cannot be one-sided. Friendships must be based on mutual concern and loyalty. So if friend #2 is an idiot, you`d better believe that friend #1 will bring him up and throw him in the face of friend #2. I hereby acknowledge and declare, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, the United States and the State, that this Agreement was entered into voluntarily and without threats, promises, coercion and/or coercion of any kind. § 10.1 If it is determined that friend #2 violates any part of this contract, that`s fine – friend #2 can simply go ahead and destroy friend #1`s life as if his friendship had never meant anything. Friend #1 agrees to be sad forever and never forgive friend #2. The colocation agreement was in effect for most of the show; However, since Sheldon moved into Penny`s old apartment with Amy, it can be assumed that the deal is no longer in effect.

§ 8.1.1 If it is determined that a third party did NOT need to be “there” to enjoy an insider joke, that joke no longer counts as a minimum of ten (10) insider jokes. By subscribing to VICE`s newsletter, you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE, which may sometimes include advertising or sponsored content. Sheldon explains that the Co-Tenant Agreement contains a specific clause that all obligations are governed by it. Leonard confirmed this, but pointed out that he had not signed this clause, while Sheldon argues that even though Leonard did not agree, he agreed, and since all of Sheldon`s obligations are regulated, the binding clause is made valid. Technically, Leonard is right, as the rule was not in effect when the clause was discussed, so it could not be applied in this situation (“S3 Ep22”). § 5.1.1 And friend #2 will sit there and take it legally. • Dinners • Movie Nights • Lacrosse Tournaments • Bar Excursions • Shopping Extravagances • Ironic Wax Museum Tours • Sincere Wax Museum Tours • All Group Texts But what if there was a way to be sure – really, really, 100% sure – that your friends have your well-being in mind at all times? Now they exist. § 9.1 Friend #1 is looking for a new vacuum stove. § 4.3 Friend #2 MUST attend friend #1`s guitar concert, even if the recital takes place in friend #1`s apartment and all performers are only friend #1 and all songs are only Blues Traveler`s Four in order. § 4.1.1 Friend #2 agrees to provide a selection of magazines to read to Friend #1, as Friend #1 does not really like sports. § 1.1 Friend #2 will be there for Friend #1 at all times, including but not limited to: When it rains outside and Friend #1 becomes sad when he thinks of the little drops of rain that die painfully when they hit the sidewalk, when it doesn`t rain, and when it`s one of those days when it rains a little but doesn`t rain for another piece.

§ 1.3 If friend #1 is going through a separation, friend #2 must separate from his own partner so that friend #1 and friend #2 can go into town together in search of a new love. § 3.2.1 Friend #1`s favorite introduction is: “You wanted the best, you have the best! Ladies and gentlemen, friend #1! The roommate agreement was written by Sheldon and signed by Leonard when they became roommates. These events were shown in a flashback. Sheldon begins to mention paragraphs from a friendship agreement in the episode “The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem.” Subsequent episodes describe it as a roommate agreement, and Sheldon continues to quote it throughout the series, usually when one of the clauses is violated. § 4.1 If friend #2 is attending a sporting event, he must invite friend #1. Signed on this _________ ___ § 2.1 Whenever friend #1 has to move, friend #2 helps. Sheldon revised the agreement to better favor himself in The Agreement Dissection (although, as written by Sheldon, even before Priya dismantled it, the agreement was always built to favor him solely because of his selfishness, self-centeredness, and insistence on always having his will). However, the new version was only accepted through blackmail, as Sheldon had set up a one-minute timer, which would then send an email to Priya`s parents to inform them of their relationship with Leonard, which Leonard initially refused.

§ 1.2 Friend #2 MUST support the artistic efforts of Friend #1, no matter how amateurish or reckless those efforts are. § 5.2 After all the fighting, friend #2 will apologize and think about how he hurt friend #1. § 10.2 Friend #1 will never play Blues Travelers “Hook” on guitar again. That would be too painful. The New York Times recently asked, “Do your friends really love you?” If this is a question you need to ask yourself, the answer will probably be: “No, of course they don`t.” § 4.2 Friend #2 agrees with the statement, “It`s just not a party if friend #1 isn`t there!” and will therefore have ZERO (0) social gatherings without inviting friend #1. § 1.2.1 When friend #1 starts playing guitar, friend #2 often has to make statements of support like, “Now we groove!” “You make this thing talk, friend!” and “You sound even better than Blues Traveler!” § 7.1 Friend #2 will share all the news of new bands, restaurants and cool books with friend #1. § 3.1 If friend #1 introduces friend #2 to a third friend, friends #2 and #3 must NOT BECOME BETTER FRIENDS than friends with friend #1. § 7.1.1 At this point, friend #2 and friend #1 enter a one-month “EXCLUSIVITY PERIOD” during which neither friend #1 nor friend #2 share their cool finds with other friends. § 4.2.1 Social gatherings include, but are not limited to: § 2.2 Friend #2 promises to come at any time Friend #1 discovers a big bug or medium-sized shadow that could be a bug and needs help to crush it. Simply download and print the legally binding friendship contract below and offer it to a friend, loved one or animal nearby to sign it. So bask in the satisfaction of knowing that the people closest to you will be forced to take care of you forever unless they deal with severe punishments.