Credit Card

Accepting Credit Credit cards (merchant services) is a routine requirement of every business whether Internet, Mobile, and Brick-and Mortar (Retail).  ComCity can provide merchants with the ability to accept credit cards via all platforms (Internet, Mobile, Mobile terminal, or Retail brick and mortar terminals).  We can even provide free terminals and we guarantee you that we can lower your current credit card processing rate.
Through our division, we listen to your exact needs to craft a cost plan that takes advantage of your unique processing mix where it’s:” small ticket, mail order / telephone order (MOTO), Internet small volume swipe, Internet high volume mobile hand held, or Retail terminal.  We provide Tiered pricing or Passthrough Plus pricing to guarantee to beat your current credit card processing rate.


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Fast Approvals

We typically provide same day or next day approval once your application has been signed and you have returned all the basic forms to us.  Apply Now


Total Integration

We have a talented team of expert web designers that can provide you total integration of your Retail, Internet, and Mobile credit card processing all under one roof with the lowest rate.  We do all the hard work for you integrating the payment gateway or migrating you to a new terminal.  Let us provide you with a free EMV terminal or a free mobile card swipe insert for your mobile phone or tablet to provide you with the lowest initial setup costs.

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