ComCity pioneered Internet E-Commerce by creating the first 100% script based shopping cart in the world in 1996 called SalesCart. SalesCart allows merchants to create ecommerce websites quicker, easier and far less expensively without changing the overall marketing/design focus of the rest of their website. Separation of concern in websites allows for greater flexibility in website design and more scalable websites that can grow from a few customers to the demands of enterprise shopping. The separation of website marketing from website selling provides cleaner websites that are more easily navigated by customers and leads to higher customer retention and less cart abandonment.



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Shopping Cart Storefront Design

Our team of talented Ecommerce design experts can get you website selling items faster and far less expensively with SalesCart than any other shopping cart solution.  For less $400, we can have you selling on the Internet and with SalesCart, you will be able to 100% manage your own store and products after the fact.  Let us show you how.


Sell for Free from Facebook without a website

With SalesCart, you get a Free Facebook Shopping Cart so you sell up to 10 products directly from Facebook page without a website.  There is now no more economical way to sell on the Internet. Learn More.