Since 1995, ComCity has created and brought to market lots of Internet Properties and other ComCity Software Products besides it’s Hosting, Ecommerce and Merchant Account software and services. Below is just a list of some of these software products and services and those currently in development.


Current / In Development

WordPress Plug-in

WordPress Plug-in that allows SalesCart to operate directly inside any WordPress website.

Improved Beverage Filter Device

A device that will reduce the costs for employee beverages. (Confidential. Patent Pending)

Mobile App

A device that will improve the lives of everyone. (Confidential)





Software that  allows you to add all the necessary files to take form data, with CAPTCHA validation, and send it to an email address on a windows based ASP.NET hosted web server without being a programmer and without knowing ASP.NET.  Form-2-Email is one of the first commercial form email processors that does not require you to be a programmer to truly run 100% on ASP.NET on your server.


Expression Web Plug-in

Expression Web Plug-in that allows SalesCart to operate on Expression Web.


Dreamweaver Plug-in

Dreamweaver Plug-in that allows SalesCart to operate on Adobe Dreamweaver.



Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates at a reduced cost.


LoanPage.com Portal

Mortgage Search Engine


ToothPick.com Portal

Dental Search Engine