United Airlines Interline Agreement List

If you are faced with irregular operations such as a delay or cancellation of a major flight, you can usually be booked with any other airline that has an interline agreement with your operating airline. * A single ticket also means a connective (i.e. conjunctive) ticket. Connected tickets are in continuous number on the same ticket inventory. It is not possible to connect tickets from different airlines. And since the coronavirus has prompted many airlines to ground their fleets, there`s a good chance you`ll be booked on a ticket with an interline partner. The final carrier is the party liable for damage/loss in accordance with the international convention. While most other airlines communicate baggage prices through hard-to-navigate tables, United has developed an official baggage fee calculator for the convenience of the user. You can enter your MileagePlus credentials to receive the checked baggage service fee for the flight you booked. You can also use the tool to search for checked baggage service fees for other flights by entering departure points and final destinations. The computer also lists the cost of oversized, overweight or overweight luggage based on your itinerary and class of service.

The most fundamental aspect of interline agreements is that you can check in your baggage through airlines and tickets. You can no longer check in baggage from Newark to London on your United flight and automatically book it on your London-Dubai flight with Emirates. In other words, if you book such an itinerary, you will have to go through immigration, leave exit security, claim your luggage and check again. At best, it`s annoying, but instead requires a much longer connection. What do you think of United`s abandonment of its interline agreements with five Middle Eastern airlines? @Lucky Etihad is not listed. I wonder if your Star Alliance rumors are behind this. It turns out that this case is not limited to American Airlines. Many airlines around the world are actually partners at a basic level known as interline. United Airlines frequent flyers achieve Premier status by flying frequently with United and its partner airlines. You must earn the required number of Premier Eligible Miles (or Premier Eligible Segments) and reach a minimum annual spending level to achieve Premier status. Once you reach Premier status, you can go through four levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and 1K.

Although American is part of the Oneworld alliance, it has several interline partners in the three main alliances, many of which would otherwise be considered competitors. Interline agreements allow airlines to sell seats on (some) of the other`s flights and also help protect passengers in the event of irregular operations. United`s partner airlines, on the other hand, award MileagePlus miles based on the class and price of the ticket and the distance of the flight. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen airlines reduce their flight schedules and keep their operations to a bare minimum. However, things are starting to turn slowly and more and more people are considering booking future trips. Line spacing is the most basic form of an agreement between two airlines. This type of agreement allows an airline to send its passengers to the partner airline without the passenger having to pick up or re-check their baggage. If you operate international flights with other airlines with a separate ticket within twelve (12) hours of your arrival in the connecting city, you may comply with the international carrier`s baggage allowance and weight restrictions – provided that there is a ticket and baggage agreement between Alaska Airlines and the other airline. When it`s time to research your next trip, chances are you`ll find a flight itinerary with multiple airlines that don`t usually work with each other. Let`s take a look at a few examples and dive into the details of these partnerships, which show that you can even earn miles on all flights with a single ticket.

However, an interline agreement does not mean that you can earn or redeem miles for flights with partner airlines. In fact, each individual agreement may differ depending on the routes covered and the agreed revenue share, but at the most basic level, American and United have many more partners than those listed on their online affiliate sites. In this case, I would enter my AAdvantage number for flight AA and then wait until after the trip to submit the missing mileage claim for the Lufthansa and Czech segments. United Airlines frequent flyers can earn miles and redeem rewards through the airline`s MileagePlus rewards program, and these rewards are not limited to United flights. MileagePlus rewards also apply to 11 other airlines around the world as part of United`s Partner Program. It also participates in the Star Alliance network, which includes 29 airlines from around the world participating in an agreement to include all other member airlines in their individual rewards programs. Speaking of United, the Chicago-based airline also has a ton of interline deals with airlines that would otherwise be considered your competitors — Air France, Cathay Pacific, and Delta, to name a few. If you take a look at the “Travel Information” section of ExpertFlyer, you will find a tab for “Interline Agreements”. If you enter AA for American Airlines, you will see the list as a two-letter code for all airlines that American Interlines maintains. We understand that sometimes you need to book different parts of your trip with different airlines with separate tickets.

In this case, we cannot ensure that the connecting time is long enough to take your luggage to your next flight. This leads to poorly connected bags, which is not a good thing for anyone. This means unless the two airlines you fly have an interline baggage agreement. These agreements concern the booking of airline tickets with other airlines, as well as the accommodation of delayed passengers, but what interests us are the rules on luggage. .