Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Whether you’re just establishing an Internet presence or need a reliable web hosting service that will grow with your business needs, ComCity can help! We have a range of web hosting and E-commerce solutions designed with the small and medium […]

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ComCity pioneered Internet E-Commerce by creating the first 100% script based shopping cart in the world in 1996 called SalesCart. SalesCart allows merchants to create ecommerce websites quicker, easier and far less expensively without changing the overall marketing/design focus of […]

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Credit Card

Accepting Credit Credit cards (merchant services) is a routine requirement of every business whether Internet, Mobile, and Brick-and Mortar (Retail).  ComCity can provide merchants with the ability to accept credit cards via all platforms (Internet, Mobile, Mobile terminal, or Retail […]

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Since 1995, ComCity has created and brought to market lots of Internet Properties and other ComCity Software Products besides it’s Hosting, Ecommerce and Merchant Account software and services. Below is just a list of some of these software products and […]

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E-commerce Pioneers, Web Hosting Experts


ComCity has been providing Internet Services since 1995 including web hosting, and E-commerce software like SalesCart.com.  ComCity also provides general Internet software, and web site designs and originally the website portals LoanPage.com, the Mortgage Company Search Engine and ToothPick.com, the Dental Search Engine.   Now located in Central Texas in the Austin area, the Texas Web Hosting company relocated so that it was better situated and centrally located in the US for the best bandwidth and operating hours for the entire United States.


E-commerce Pioneers

ComCity created the first 100% script based shopping cart add-in in 1997. We led the industry creating the first script based shopping cart that was easy to use because it decoupled the web site design from the Ecommerce shopping cart. We have now expanded that technology leadership by creating SalesCart – the first FREE Facebook Shopping Cart store that allows merchants to sell with 100% security without a website altogether. What makes SalesCart different than any other cart is that it removes the website and webserver from PCI scope entirely and so it is the first ecommerce solution to provide 100% security. Learn More…


Web Hosting Experts

Besides being E-commerce Pioneers, ComCity has hosted web sites since 1995, longer than most web hosting companies have had their domain names. Also, from the very beginning our web sites and our customers websites were about business. Most of our customers were doing Ecommerce with their websites before most companies even knew what Ecommerce meant. In the beginning, we specialized our hosting around easy-to-use website design tools like FrontPage and Dreamweaver that allowed companies to build and manage their own website. Today we continue that trend by hosting WordPress and other CMS tools that have largely taken over for the Design tools of the past. Learn More…