Sql Server Licensing Agreement

Allows customers to run any number of instances of the SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition software in an unlimited number of VMs. This Contract applies to your use of these other versions or editions in this way. If the previous version or edition contains components that are not included in this Contract, the conditions associated with those components in the previous version or edition apply to your use. Microsoft is not required to provide you with previous or different versions or editions of the software. SQL Server offers a variety of virtualization and cloud benefits that allow you to save money when granting a database license and maintain flexibility when putting them in the database. With SQL Server, you can: [3] LICENSOR: Indicate the total number of user CALs that can directly or indirectly access the instances of the server software that is authorized under this contract. SQL servers are also designed to process different types of data, including primitive types such as Char, Varchar, Binrunden and text, to name a few. The SQL Server license can be overwhelming because of its size and the number of other applications that interact with it. Before you approach the operation of an SQL server, you need to know certain terms: if the passive server provides data, such as Z.B. Reports, to customers or performs other “works,” including additional backups, it is considered active and requires its own license.

It is very important that you have a way to prove when your servers are passive, because software auditors think that all your servers are active when you have the opportunity to accept it. Allows customers to install and run the passive SQL Server 2019 in a separate OSE server or server for emergency recovery in anticipation of an emergency event. 11. LICENSE SCOPE. The software is licensed, not sold. Unless you are granted other rights under applicable law, Microsoft reserves all other rights that are not expressly granted under this Agreement, whether implicitly, estoppel or otherwise. In doing so, you must respect all the technical constraints of the software that only allow you to use them in a certain way. You are not allowed to say no.

Enterprise Edition is no longer available in the server license model – CAL for SQL Server. Just to make sure we`re all on the same page, the main task of SQL servers is to store data and retrieve it on demand from other software applications, much like a company`s personal google.