Golf Course Membership Agreement

CO-SIGNATURE: If a member is under the age of 18 at the time of acceptance of the terms of this agreement, a co-signer is required. Since Clubhouse did not agree to conclude this agreement without the co-signer`s commitments, the co-signer promised to pay all the sums due to Clubhouse as part of this agreement and to respect and respect all of the member`s promises and agreements. The co-signer`s promises and agreements are community-based and many with the MP`s promises and agreements. If more than one person signs this agreement as a co-signer, the promises are both joint and multiple. EXPIRY DATE AND DENIAL OF FEES ON YOUR PAYMENT CARD. When your payment card reaches its expiry date, your inability to cancel your monthly subscription is an authorization for Clubhouse to continue billing that payment card. If, for any reason, your payment card does not accept a fee for a regular monthly membership fee, your monthly subscription will be immediately suspended until payment is recovered. For 60 days immediately after the day of the blockage, Clubhouse may try to charge the monthly payment card membership fee every 10 days. If the tax is accepted, your monthly membership benefits will be reintroduced from the date the tax is accepted. To re-enter your subscription, you need to validate your payment card information, either by correcting the payment card issuer`s problem or by providing new payment card information by contacting your member department. If Clubhouse is able to debit your payment card (existing or new if you have provided new payment card information) and all late clubhouse membership fees are paid, your monthly membership benefits will continue to be maintained and this payment card will be used to calculate the applicable periodic contribution for each consecutive renewal period until your monthly membership is cancelled and your payment card is cancelled and your payment card is at all purposes.

If Clubhouse is unable to charge your payment card (existing or new) for 3 consecutive billing dates, your monthly subscription will be terminated and you will not be able to use your membership or the benefits associated with our clubhouse. If Clubhouse leaves your membership, you must surrender your membership card immediately and you remain responsible for all unpaid contributions (including all monthly contributions and other fees on your behalf). If your membership is terminated by Clubhouse, you will not be reimbursed for the amounts paid under a type of membership. THE POLITICAL MODIFICATIONS, FACILITIES AND PROGRAM: The clubhouse may occasionally introduce new facilities or programs that are available to members for an additional fee. Clubhouse may edit and change institutions` guidelines and regulations from time to time or change its membership fees. You acknowledge that Clubhouse can change dues at any time; However, provided That Clubhouse notifies by e-mail any changes in regular contributions to monthly membership holders. You agree that on each periodic anniversary date after the effective date of the amendment, the new monthly membership fee (plus charge taxes) will be charged on each periodic anniversary date after the effective date of this change, unless you cancel your monthly membership fee (additional fee) and allow the Clubhouse to charge the new monthly membership fee (additional taxes) on your payment card.