Disney Licensing Agreement

Disney has invested a lot of time and money in the development of its characters. To protect the work he has put into it and the value of his characters, he is very restrictive as to who Disney has licensed and under what conditions. Licensing prices for Disney characters are not readily available to the public. Generally speaking, however, when it comes to licensing, the more extensive the rights granted, the more expensive a license becomes. Disney`s licensing site provides instructions for requesting a license and answers to frequently asked questions about licensing its characters. Walt Disney Music Co. (Mechanical, Master Use & Synchronization Licensing) Please send requests to: musicpublishing@disney.com Note in topic: DISNEY MUSIC USE INQUIRY Be sure to specify the contact name and phone number. (ABC Library – Before 1985) Andrea Chain Paralegal Ph: (818) 560-6062 Fx: (818) 560-6635 andrea.chain@disney.com Walt Disney Pictures Television Animation Laura E. Henry Counsel – Disney/ABC Cable Legal Affairs Fx: (818) 569-7399 laura.henry@disney.com We are no longer connected to Miramax Films or Dimension Films. Please contact Visual Icon, as you exclusively manage the clip license for Miramax and Dimension Films: Disney / ABC Domestic Television (Daytime) Tanya Boonsukha Senior Production Manager Ph: (818) 460-6732 Fx: (818) 460-5669 tanya.boonsukha@disney.com Using images or names of Disney characters is to obtain Permission from Disney to use the image or name. This permission to use the name or image is called a license. .