Azure Enterprise Agreement Offer Id

As more and more large enterprises introduce the Azure cloud, especially those that have traditionally used Microsoft tools, we have seen a growing interest in Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreements, commonly known as EAs. We thought it would be helpful to learn more about Microsoft EAs, how they work with Azure, and what they mean for both the enterprise and the ISV. While you can create an enterprise agreement with Microsoft specifically for Azure, most companies that use this option already have an EA for using their software resources such as Windows, Office, Sharepoint, System Center, etc. If you have an EA for other products, you can simply add Azure to that existing agreement by making a financial commitment in advance. You can then use eligible Azure cloud services throughout the year to fulfill the requirement. And you can pay for additional use beyond the obligation at the same prices. As with any Enterprise License Agreement (ELA), including the AWS EDP, you commit to a contract term and contract volume to earn additional discounts. Aside from the best prices and discounts, what are some of the other additional benefits that an EA could offer a business: 6 marketplace purchases are currently not available for MSDN and Visual Studio offerings. Historical data for credit and down payment offers may not be consistent with your invoice. For some Azure Pay-as-you-go, MSDN, and Visual Studio offerings, Azure credits and advanced payments can be applied to the invoice. However, the historical data displayed in cost management is only based on your consumption fee estimates.

Historical cost management data does not include payments and credits. As a result, the historical data displayed for subsequent offers may not exactly match your bill. Transfer your subscription to another user in the account center to change the account administrator and hand over possession of the subscription invoice. You can find information about changing your subscription to another plan by changing your Azure subscription to another plan. Self-service subscription transfer is available for the offers or subscription types listed in the table below. For transfer of other subscriptions, such as sponsorship or support plans, contact support. Cost management includes all uses and purchases, including reservations and third-party offers for Enterprise Agreement (EA) accounts. Microsoft customer accounts and individual subscriptions with usage-based pricing only include usage of Azure and Marketplace services. Support and other costs are not included.

Costs are estimated until an invoice is issued and do not take into account credits. There are some Azure-specific EA benefits in addition to the price to entice users to get off Pay-As-You-Go. You can create and manage multiple Azure subscriptions with a single EA. You can also roll up and manage all your subscriptions to get an enterprise view of how many minutes of resources you use per subscription. In addition, you can assign accounting services and cost points to the subscription-burn, making it easier for you to manage budgets and view expenses at different deployment levels. The offer must remain the same. You can find information about changing your plan by changing your Azure subscription to a different plan. If no data is displayed for a subscription and you want to see if your subscription is covered by the supported plans, you can verify that your subscription is supported. To check if an Azure subscription is supported, sign in to the Azure portal and select All Services from the left menu. In the list of services, select Subscriptions. From the Subscription List menu, select the subscription you want to verify.

Your subscription is displayed in the Preview tab and you can see the offer and offer ID. The following figure shows an example. Unfortunately, self-service subscription transfer is not available for your offer or country. To transfer your subscription, contact support. This offer is not displayed in the list because it is the Enterprise Agreement offer code….