Work Placement Agreement En Francais

If the duration of your internship exceeds three months, the agreement must be sent to the French authorities by your French company or by the training organisation in which you participate; otherwise, the association that organized your internship/training. You must attach this validated agreement to your visa application. There are two types of internships in Spain; it is either curricular or extracurricular. To prove that the internship must be learned and that it is not an uncovered job, this training agreement is necessary. It must be signed by an educational institution. There are no restrictions for what type of school, which means they can be public or private (universities, TEFL schools, high schools, etc.). The agreement is signed by the sending institution (educational institution), the host society and you, the trainee. You will receive a long-stay visa corresponding to a residence permit marked “temporary worker.” With your visa application, you must also submit the work permit granted to your employer. Details of your personal situation and professional qualifications can be found in the Visa assistant.

Their university or educational institution should provide their own. If they don`t have a model, they can be inspired or follow some of these models from third-party offices. Here are some examples of training agreements for official institutions-Erasmus you will receive a long-stay visa corresponding to a residence permit marked “temporary worker”.