Assignment And Assumption Of Lease Agreement Form

2) the execution of leases and lease conditions; Adoption. In the interest of the assignee and the lessor, the agent hereby assumes all the rights, obligations and obligations of the tenant under the tenant`s and the agent`s agreements and undertakes to fulfill all the tenant`s obligations and obligations according to the rent from and after the effective date, as if the agent were the original tenant. The agent must make, for the period and after the effective date, all payments of rent, rent supplement and other amounts owed by the subtenant under the tenancy agreement, if this is strictly due and payable according to the terms, agreements and terms of the tenancy agreement. By executing it below, the lessor accepts this assignment of the taker and recognizes the sustainability of the lease by and between the agent and the lessor. The lessor is not involved in the transfer and executes this document for the limited purpose of giving consent. Consent to this assignment is not considered a waiver of the lessor`s right to accept a subsequent transfer or tenancy under the terms of the lease agreement. Regardless of the above, as long as the agent delivers to the lessor a letter of credit in accordance with the provisions of section 21 of the lease, the lessor must return the original accederator within three (3) working days following receipt of such a letter of credit by the lessor, and that original accreditor is invalidated and has no effect or effect. 11. Default values under the ase. Within two (2) days of receiving a notification from the lessor regarding the performance of the tenant`s obligations under the tenancy agreement, the agent will send the client a copy of this notification. Within two (2) days of receiving a notification from the lessor regarding the performance of the tenant`s possible obligations under the tenancy agreement, the Zmittor sends the agent a copy of this notification.

If the agent is late in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement or this agreement and the agent has not committed this default within fifteen (15) days after receiving the notification of the lessor or the tenant, specifying the nature of this default with respect to non-monetary defaults and two (2) working days with respect to monetary defaults , the agent may return to the premises. , with or without recourse, and remedy this delay in which the agent immediately reimburses the Assignor all related costs and expenses, or, at the agent`s choice, the Assignor may take possession and enjoy the premises from the first and former estate of the agent and declare that this contract is terminated without further force or effect. , either, without terminating it, the client may transfer the lease to himself or others, or sublet all or part of the premises on behalf of the agent, with the agent immediately repaying the agent any defects in rent and any other reasonable costs, fees, legal fees or legal fees incurred by the agent.