Skip Hire Agreement

11.1. The risk in the equipment is immediately transferred to the customer when he leaves the physical property or control of SkipHire UK or his agent. The risk in the rented equipment does not fall to SkipHire UK or its customer agents until the device is back in physical possession of SkipHire UK or its agent. This also applies if SkipHire UK has agreed to remove the device`s rental fee. 16.0 GOVERNING LAW 16.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of England and is interpreted accordingly and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 16.2 Any reference to a regulation or order of the Act of Parliament involves any new staging, amendment, replacement or amendment of this regulation. A. You will be late for your agreement with us if you: i. Not payable our tax bills under payment terms; ii. attend an insolvency event (because you are bankrupt or have been appointed by a liquidator, liquidator or trustee or a liquidation application); iii.

to reject or terminate this contract without a legal excuse; iv. not to provide us with the information we need to carry out the work we have agreed; and v. violation of these terms of sale. 3.2. The contract between SkipHire UK and the Client contains and is subject to these conditions and constitutes the whole agreement between the contracting parties, which replaces all previous agreements or agreements between the contracting parties. An amendment to these conditions is binding, unless it has been the subject of a written agreement between the parties prior to the contract date. 9.5 The risk in the equipment is not returned from the tenant to the owner until the unit is back in the owner`s physical possession. This also applies if the owner has agreed to suspend the rental costs of the device. These terms and conditions of sale replace all previous written or oral agreements, agreements, documents or other commitments. 6.1.3. Any claim of personal or material damage resulting from the use of the device during the rental.

10.0 WASTE 10.1 The customer and the CEL each sign a new transfer note. It is a crime to overload the overload jumps or set fire to materials in the Skip. All damage caused by the skips is charged to the tenant, the minimum fee is 100 USD. The skip tenant is responsible for lighting a skip on a license and the safety of cones and lights. Tenants who order vehicles from the public highway do so at their own risk. 10.2 The CEL is entitled to refuse to handle materials: 10.2.1, which it considers to be toxic, toxic, explosive, flammable or dangerous; or 10.2.2, their management may lead to civil or criminal liability of the CEL; or 10.2.3, which it has reason to believe is or may be a special waste; or 10.2.4, which could result in additional costs or disproportionate additional costs. Applying if the customer placed an order with AnyJunk for equipment rental 6.4.1, that the corresponding ski authorization was obtained from the local authority; b) All fines, fees, penalties, taxes, taxes and taxes that must be paid by Alltownskips with respect to this agreement and the judgment.