Marital Property Agreement Form

80. Unless expressly foreseen in this judgment or in a written agreement reached at the same time as the judgment, each party exempts the other party and the successors of the other party from any liabilities, debt or obligation, as well as from any claim and claim, the petitioner and the respondent intending, by that judgment, to regulate all aspects of their respective property rights. Has. Holidays/special days/school holidays are organised by mutual agreement between the parents. 82. Each party to this decision acknowledges and declares that it is fully and fully informed of the facts relating to the purpose of this judgment and of its rights and commitments; voluntarily engages in this judgment, without fraud, influence, coercion or coercion of any kind; has thought carefully and carefully about the construction of this predetermined court and includes any provision of this pre-established judgment. Negotiating is what most people imagine when lawyers argue over different property and custody. If all the couple`s assets are at stake, it can get ugly. Therefore, it is important to stay cool, regardless of the threats that are made in order to reach an agreement. 52.

The petitioner now has its own unique and distinct property, which is presented below. The respondent acknowledges that he did not claim or claim any rights, securities or interests on the property. The property is confirmed by the petitioner as its unique and distinct property: B. Watts Credits (In re Marriage of Watts, (1985) 171 Cal.App.3d 366; 217 Cal.Rptr. 301) and any refund rights to which a party or community may be entitled due to the use of collective or collective separation assets; all refund rights under the Civil Code, the Family Code, including, but not limited, the Family Code 2640 of separate refunds or otherwise for separate property that contributed to the acquisition or preservation of common property or co-ownership; and all claims under the Civil Code, the Family Code or otherwise, which are due to the community or part for the contributions of the Community or any of the parties to the initial and continuing training of a party.