Local 276 Collective Agreement

A strike takes place when the workers collectively decide to withhold their work, on the permission of the International. In the UAW, strikes are governed by the UAW Constitution, including Articles 12, 16 and 50. General Motors plans to add a second layer and more than 400 jobs per hour at its assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to support the production of the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette. The additional layer is expected to be added in the second half of the year. There are enough current employees, including those who are laid off to fill the positions. Bowling Green employs nearly 900 people, including 714 hours and 164 employees. If a strike is described as temporary, they receive strike benefits. If you are a member affiliated with the union obligation, you receive the same benefit under the agreement as senior employees. There have been many rumors that the materials department was executed by a third party or contractually agreed upon.

These rumors aren`t true. This was proposed to auto plants in order to reduce costs in order to remain competitive. It was not proposed here in Arlington. The strike will continue until UAW and General Motors reach an agreement. From June 16 to June 21, 2019, we participated in the Annual Summer School (Regional ELP). The message to members was “Get back to the basics.” You stressed the importance of supporting your local union and its standing committees. They stressed the importance of staying united and that it may be too late if we do not take a position now to take a stand in the future. They also stated that “WE HAVE TO BE AT THE PEACE PERIOD!” and the importance of Sparta when a work stoppage is called. Some of the classes that were taken were, collective bargaining, UNION AWARENESS, GRIEVANCE WRITING, V-CAP (Voluntary Community Action Program).

“A few days before the end of the contract, we set a deadline of midnight on Sunday to leave if we didn`t have an agreement. If we let management know, it changed everything,” vinson says.¬†You could see it on their faces and hear it in their voices. All of a sudden, they talked a lot on the phone and reacted quickly. The numbers started to move. It was like day and night. I know that some people are wondering what we think when we finally have the upper hand over the negotiations. The truth is that we always think of the members. Vinson continues: “Of course, we had the opportunity to continue the strike at that time, but we still weigh that every week of strike costs our members 2% of their wages. We weigh against what we have won, but it is the membership that decides. In the end, the 1805 local members accepted that the treaty was fair and ratified it by a majority.