Condominium Management Agreement Sample

This PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT (this “contract”) is concluded on the effective date of the manager and the owner (both are defined as below). Taking into account the mutual agreements that are included, the undersigned parties agree that the managers and owners enter into this property management contract [Contract.Start.Date]. This contract is automatically renewed after one year, unless the owner communicates to the manager in writing 60 days in advance. When you hire [Sender.Company], you work with a leader in real estate management in [Site] for the past [Time.Period]. Our customers receive the highest service standards from a team of professionals who ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of your property 24 hours a day. The total compensation to which management is entitled during the duration of this contract consists of fees for recurring routine services, paid monthly; fees for routine periodic services paid per post; and fees for non-routine services, on an item basis, as stated here or negotiated before execution. 4.01 Recurrent routine benefits: management is compensated according to the following schedule. This compensation represents management`s overhead costs, excluding the salaries of administrative and local maintenance staff, including general and administrative expenses, as well as the travel expenses of executives and staff incurred under this agreement, and covers the costs of basic services, including financial management, general administration and property management. “TBD amount” payable and payable by the same monthly “TBD” payments, payable monthly, in advance. 4.02 Routine regular services. Management provides some regular routine services, the required fees and/or fees are therefore: A. Preparation 6 (d) Certification fee:according to M.G.L.c.183A: $65.00 per certificate B. Preparing current ownership documents for new owners or on request: 50.00 C.

Sending certified emails to owners in violation of administrative documents: time and documents D.